Art Vs Art

The idea is simple. Pick between two pieces of art. Not just a painting versus painting, but any 'work of art' against any other. Finally: The Little Prince vs. Pulp Fiction. At last: The Simpsons vs. War & Peace. You get the idea.

Art vs. Art's API is built using Ruby on Rails with a front-end developed in React. A mobile version is planned using React Native.

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Mineraliety was an Etsy-type marketplace for mineral enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it closed down in April of 2017. A large Ruby on Rails application with tons of third party integrations, we allowed sellers to import listings directly from Etsy or eBay, which really helped us on board over 60 sellers at launch.

Though I'm sad to the site is no more, (there were so many features to add!) I learned so much about developing large applications, running many of the technical aspects of a startup, and endless other lessons. I'll be launching a password-protected demo site soon (sometime in May 2017) if you'd like to check out the project.

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Choosing the right platform for the right client and project is key to developing a successful web experience.

Ruby on Rails

I've been working with Ruby on Rails since late 2011. At the time, I was mostly working on the frontend, using WordPress as my go-to platform..

Rails was my introduction to application development, from MVC (er.. kinda) design patterns, to testing and automated deployings, version control, and everything else under the sun that goes into web applications.


So many JavaScript frameworks, which to choose? I've settled on React.js for now, but vue.js is certainly appealing. "The Langauge of the Web" is becoming much more as technologies like React Native allow us to write mobile apps in JS. Especially with ES6/7 busting onto the scene, it's a good time to learn some JS.


WordPress is a great platform to develop on and continues to mature.

Many people are familiar with its admin interface, which makes it a great choice as a backend for many projects. Asides from WordPress' extensive plugin environment, The Bedrock framework, Twig templating, and other methods for separating logic from presentation and markup are all great developments.

Elixir / Phoenix

I've only had a few hours to check out Elixir, but I am thrilled with the language's powerful pattern matching, embrace of concurrency, and functional design. Both Elixir and its star framework Phoenix seem fast and practical, and I can't wait to dive into both.